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What are we building in Arkasas?

Watch this video

Increase your Kingdom impact now,
right here in America! Here's how...

Watch this video with Dr. Gary Crossland, and the actual rolling stone that covered the tomb of Jesus

Every year The Great Passion Play/Christ of the Ozarks statue attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from every state in the nation and from many foreign countries. And every week thousands of visitors walk within feet of where God has called us to build the new Resurrection Experience. Those who visit are of every faith, from various religions, and many have no faith at all.


While almost everyone in America believes that Jesus died on a cross, surprisingly few actually believe that He rose from the dead. As you can now see from this video, the great rolling stone that covered the tomb of Jesus has finally been located. And now our single motivation is to share the history of the stone that once sealed Christ’s tomb, proving not only the accuracy of the Scriptures, but the truth that Christ has risen from the dead, just as He said He would. As we build The Resurrection Experience, we believe it could become one of the greatest evangelistic undertakings of our lifetime.


Please link arms with us, and help us build this glorious new tribute to the Lord. Every month we will be sharing news and photos of our progress.

The Great Passion Play is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Thank you, and God bless you.

Dr. Gary Crossland

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Here is what you will see at the Resurrection Experience


Sacred shards from the original Great Rolling Stone

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A fully immersive 360° movie in our rotunda


A life size replica of the Great Rolling Stone

At the Great Passion Play,
Eureka Springs, AR

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